Current Research: Plantation Foundations, Fishing Farms, Art Music Science Ministries, Theatrics, ConFu "Jada and Adel", Civil Law, Internet Studies, Cross Credit, Numerical and Symbolic Transitions, Electronic Vortexts, as well as "Cross Arts to Physics" Textiles such as integrated Circuit Boards for "Technical Phones."


Plantation Foundations: Founded On Sammies "Tower Dariy" . 1. I Pray For Rain, of and Growth.

Fishing Farms: Possible Way to Decrease Over Fishing and Restock Lakes; Looking Into Fishing Licsens.

Art Music Science (AMS) Ministry: Creative Clay and Church, Church of CHrist, Church of Holy Green Christix 1. I pray they are more responsible to delivering the message of Making ChristLike Disciples of All Nations.

I Pray About the Church of Scientology (The REAL Synogoge of Satan) that some how it gets taken over by Christains and Jews before there anti Christlike Tatics Destroy the Entire Country and that veil of decption is one day lifted. I pray it is infiltrated by Jesus' Angels and a few of the deceived leaders move to reforme in Name of God.

2.I Also pray the Doctors are more relziliant and less homosexual and less controlling.

3. I pray the Green Devils Change there name to Green Spiders in the Name of Charoletts WEB

NOW-National Organization for Wommen

I Pray for the 'Network 'Of 'Webs that they change an make porn regulation a national issue, and make porn regulation happen, and that they Choose Life. Life^2-Death=EternalLifeXB.

Theatrics: 1. I pray ZealAngelo Friend of the Night Goes Well and that the enemy flees and that reinforcement really do show up and that the HOAC gets shut down and Candle Light Theater Reopens.

ConFu: THE FOR AWAKES w/ Jada and Adel that would mean total freedom of Body

Internet Studies: 1. I pray I graduate

Cross Credit: 1. I pray Chase stop Chasseing the Mad Hatter

Numerical and Symbolic Transitions: Some Language as Hieroglyphic My is "Times New Roman Symbolic" 1. I pray the English Language Develops and see Pride as sin and they Just Stand Tall and Breath.

Electronic Vortexts: Numbers to Names to Electronic Charges.

Civil Law: Suggeto; Civil Art; Civil Justice, Liberty Studies, Freedom From Alien Nation Act.



Art Therapy; The Psychology of Color Suggest that people who use the Rainbow as there object for asserting there sexual preference are disconnected from there emotions as emotions are color temperate. Also that Black and White as the Yen-Yang do NOT establish a light and darkness scenario when it comes to pigmentation of color. And Black is All Color, White is NO color. All the way Black Darkness is Hell, with weeping and gnashing of teeth. All the way White Darkness is Hell, Blotted Out of the Book of Life. I prefer Army All the Way, and RainBow6 is one of Clancies Games. Named after My Rainbow 2000 Strategy for Taking over the Music Industry until 911 happened and I had already died and went to Bat Out of Hell which is a huge CHunck of Bat Poop that they Call Meat Loaf. 

 Gold, Silver and Bronze can pull a positive or negative charge and if you are not very care-full you could get fried.

 I suggest a Blue Deck Spread Beginning With Blue Aces and Name your Poles On First and Last Light with Clubs-North,  Diamonds-East, Hearts-West, and Spades South, Bronze Labels On Jacks, Silver Labels On Queens, and Gold Labels On Kings. Keep your planets a 1 Mercury Down to Pluto 9. And that's a freebee from -JMBTTT- What makes it happen makes me believe/.


The Lord Rebuke That Rock N Roll Spirit Of Denial.


Music Note Hakey ieb HealLess d to the Z.


2 Increase Carma For Healing Sleep Is necessary.. Good REM sleep to Profetic Dreaming is Possible, premenishions, and celestial randomization dose happen with increased insecurities. Also with insecurities comes night mares becareful. ALso for healing recognize Dreamics and Investigate your own dreams ultimitality YOU are incorntrol of your Body Mind Soul and Spirit. If you are having a Hard Time in Life perhaps it's because you are not mentally Disciplined. for Post Tramatic Stress Disorder it is possible that the sound of guns and some noises are starteling you imagination, you must recover mental innermost peace, that is why music is so important. Constult a Doctor Before takeing any chemical altercation. the Alchol which can help take off the edge yet drunkenness in not encouraged. And Never try to over ride a doctor or nurse, unless they lie.



"Doe, 1, beat, A"/ "Ray, 2, beat, B"/ "Me, 3, beat, C"/ "Fa, 4, beat, D"= 4/4 Measure


"Sol,1,E,beat"/ "La,2,F,beat"/ "Te,3,G,beat"=3/4 Measure


Spell It out Fathers Bay.. Tampa//


Ciggerette=Heart of Eagle, Eyes of Wolf. It Might Get you high but at the end of the Day all you can do is sit there and Look at it and howl once a month, with Vapor Stick.. AKA Smokeing Electrons Wolf is Monkey Beat Just a Test.


The thing about ciggeretts is that they put you on the wrong side of truth .Smoking Cigeretes causes damage to the body and you should not smoke around children or encourage them to smoke.


Take it from Me,

 I'm a Blue Ridge Smoker